HOPELESS FOR YOU – Now Available!

I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this day… HOPELESS FOR YOU has been published!


I’m so happy to get it out there. Happy, and relieved :D

HOPELESS FOR YOU started out as a rosebud of an idea that grew into this all-consuming tree whose roots had taken a firm hold in every part of my life. I worked obsessively on it. In the mornings. At night. On weekdays. Weekends. On vacation. I poured everything into the book, heart and soul, and now it’s finally out there. It was a labor of love that’s for sure. They say that great art comes from pain. Well then this was my greatest work yet. The story of Kade and Ash has been floating around in my head for years now and I sincerely hope you enjoyed following them as they discovered themselves and their love for each other.

I want to thank my beta readers who helped me craft this into the best book it could possibly be: Crystal Taylor, Emiko Rei, Jennifer Ramey, Lucinda Callahan, Christine Buenaflor, Apoorva Anapindi and Lisa.

I want to thank my editor, Bev Rosenbaum, for steering me away from the bad paths and down the good ones. Her story insights have been invaluable.

I want to give a big shout out to the amazing bloggers who took a chance on a brand-spanking new romance author. Special thanks to Shaneika Morgan of ItchingForBooks for setting up a blog tour.

Lastly, I want to thank you, my readers, for giving the book a chance :)

You guys are incredible and I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me. Great art may come from pain but there is no greater love and joy than what I feel for all of you.

You can grab the ebook from Amazon at $0.99 cents for a limited time:


You can also pick up a Paperback copy here: Amazon.com Paperback.

The hardcover is out as well:

Thanks again for giving the book a chance! Take care all you amazing readers out there!

Mass-Market Paperback Cover Reveal: HOPELESS FOR YOU

Just got the proofs in for the mass-market paperback cover for HOPELESS FOR YOU. It really looks amazing! Click the image for a larger view:

hopeless-for-you-pocket-book-cover-800x600Let me know what you think in the comments section.

By the way, the response from my beta readers has been amazing so far, and really positive. I’m really glad everyone likes the book so far! A few betas from Tennessee caught some mistakes in regards to Southern culture, and I’ve fixed those up along with some other small inconsistencies. I still have a copy edit lined up with my editor, but the book looks good to make the September 23rd release date. Yay!

On a side note, I’m back in Canada. I’ll miss Italia that’s for sure–the good food, the great people, but there’s something to be said about waking up in my own bed :)


Here it is! I’m a happy to reveal the official cover for HOPELESS FOR YOU. The book is on target for its September 21st release date. To be notified when the book comes out, click here.



Ash Jensen, a squeaky-clean sophomore at the University of Tennessee, has a trail of baggage a mile long. She swore she’d never love again but when she finds herself interned to a yummy Canadian conservation officer that promise is tested big-time. Kade Gyllenhahl sports wild tattoos, a rebellious attitude and a fohawk to die for. He’s definitely the wrong man for her and she knows it.

Kade doesn’t have time for a girl like her. She’s a pretentious, unreadable princess who lives her life by her parents’ rules. Besides, he’ll lose his job if he sleeps with Ash. Now if only he could get his mind off her.

When the two of them end up alone and isolated on a routine field trip into the woods, things get a little complicated…

Hopeless For You – Update

I’m in Milan visiting relatives, and between bouts of spaghetti al’astice and Lambrusco wine I’m working through the second round of developmental edits my editor Bev sent my way. The focus this time round is fine tuning character and conflict.

Once the developmental edit is done, I’ll send the manuscript off to the beta readers–if you’re interested in being one drop me a note via the Contact tab above–and then back to Bev for a final copy edit.

The cover reveal for HOPELESS FOR YOU is scheduled for August 15.

Anyone, it’s time to get back to character and conflict. Talk to you soon, readers!

Hopeless For You – Official Announcement

Hello everyone!

Today I’m happy to announce that HOPELESS FOR YOU, my upcoming New Adult Romance, is officially scheduled to launch on September 23st.

You can find HOPELESS FOR YOU on Goodreads here. There will be a Goodreads Giveaway soon for Advance Review Copies (ARCs) and I’ll let you all know when it’s ready to go. Or you can just add the book on your shelf on Goodreads and it should notify you when the Giveaway starts.

This book has been a long time coming and I can’t wait to get it into your hands!

The cover reveal is coming this August.

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