Mass-Market Paperback Cover Reveal: HOPELESS FOR YOU

Just got the proofs in for the mass-market paperback cover for HOPELESS FOR YOU. It really looks amazing! Click the image for a larger view:

hopeless-for-you-pocket-book-cover-800x600Let me know what you think in the comments section.

By the way, the response from my beta readers has been amazing so far, and really positive. I’m really glad everyone likes the book so far! A few betas from Tennessee caught some mistakes in regards to Southern culture, and I’ve fixed those up along with some other small inconsistencies. I still have a copy edit lined up with my editor, but the book looks good to make the September 23rd release date. Yay!

On a side note, I’m back in Canada. I’ll miss Italia that’s for sure–the good food, the great people, but there’s something to be said about waking up in my own bed :)

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